Jackie Chan, my Mother's dog Teddy and I.

I had just graduated from Film School and took the weekend off at my mother's place in Dordrecht in the Netherlands. It is just a 6 hour drive from London, if you take the Channel Tunnel.

When I arrived, my mother asked me if I had ever heard of some one called Jackie Chan. 'Of course I have' I replied. 'Well, Jackie Chan just made a movie in my house last week, and my dog Teddy is in it' she said.

I was flabbergasted. At this point in time I had struggled hard to get through filmschool and find a break into the industry. Yet my mum managed to get Jackie Chan to make a movie in her house! And she did not even bother to call and tell me!

Even worse, they invited her and Teddy to fly down to South Africa, all first class because they wanted to shoot additional scenes with Teddy out there! I was shocked to find out that my mum turned the offer down because 'Teddy does not like flying'. I would have ****** drugged the dog, and fly down there anytime. But not my mum.

Below you can see the sequence where Jackie is being chased through parts of Dordrecht and ends up saving my mums dog Teddy. You can see Teddy briefly at the beginning of the clip, sitting on a piano. At the end of the clip there is a great slo-mo shot of Teddy.

(Who Am I, Manga Films)

Jackie's path and mine strangely crossed again a few years later at Studio Babelsberg where I worked on 80 Days around the World in 2003. My good friend Bob Johnston helped me to get an autograph from Jackie for my mother. She was depressed at that time because sadly Teddy had been bitten to death by my parents neighbour's German shepherds. The pictures show my Mum, Teddy and Jackie Chan on set in Dordrecht.

I do not know if Jackie Chan remembered my mother when he signed the above pictures in Berlin. He did not seem to remember her when I spoke to him briefly on set in Babelsberg. But I do know that my mother enjoyed the autograph and thinking that someone like Jackie Chan would remember her and Teddy made her feel much better at the time of Teddy's unfortunate death. For that I thank Jackie Chan.

(On location in Berlin for 80 Days around the World)

Working in Singapore, I met Jackie Chan again during the Gala opening of NYU Tisch Asia where he received the Tisch Asia lifetime award. Who knows when I meet Jackie Chan again!

(During the Gala opening of Tisch Asia, Singapore)