Angry anti-vaxxers march with torches to Saxony ministry of health

There is nothing we can do to convince these anti-vaxxers that neither science nor the government is involved in a conspiracy against them. Any attempt at dialogue is doomed to failure. The conflict with this group is programmed to escalate. Even after COVID has come to an end. Again and again we hear calls that we must ‘listen’ to these people. The truth is that any attempt at dialogue with them is doomed to failure.

The media, politicians, friends, family – all try to understand why these people behave so stupidly and try to undo this division in our society, in our families and at work.

But to undo this rupture requires everyone to come together – and it is obvious that these anti-social fanatics don’t give a flying fuck about friends, families, colleagues or the people who suffer in nursing homes and in intensive care units. They do not want dialogue. I hope all of them will be issued fines and are taken to court whenever possible.

Fritz Kohle

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